Friday, October 17, 2014


Masters of Anatomy book has some great art in it! Got me pretty pumped to just do some sketches. Here are a few. Bottom left one...I don't even know. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Ship designs 1

I have very little experience drawing mechanical/sci-fi stuff despite it being one of my favorite genres. To take a break from the environment work as of late I'm forcing myself out of my comfort zone to get some sci-fi design practice in.

I started off with a bunch of silhouette ideas and I'm fairly happy with the bottom-most six. From here I took those few that I think are the strongest and did a few iterations on each before moving on to final designs.

The iterations with minor details here were actually quite difficult. I tried to stay initially loose and let the ideas come from the marks themselves. 

After poking the brains of a few friends I further refined these 4 as I found their overall design/appearance/function the most fun. Ultimately I moved forward with #3.

Linework is pretty tough when working digitally but with the recent discovery of Lazy Nezumi Pro (google it) I found it MUCH easier than the previous times I've done linework. color/render work! I think I'm going to rework this to make the materials look more accurate in the near future. I found a few great tutorials so I'll likely post an update to this if I can spruce it up a bit!