Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dota 2 Brewmaster Master Copy

Wish I knew the artist names for all the Dota 2 Character splashes, but this guy does some fantastic stuff and I'd really like to develop my skills towards his/hers.

GeoGuessr Studies 3

Jumped back on the Guessr studies! I feel a lot better about these than the last two this time around. The first guy on this one I feel is easily the strongest. I spent AGES on the 2nd and had to force myself to stop working on it. The It looks like the location, but simplicity is so hard to capture, but that's an issue of repetition and practice. On to the next!

GeoGuessr Studies 2

Wow, forgot to upload this one here! A tad old. Was working on the last one when finals hit and didn't finish it up/lost the image so I couldn't finish it either... :\